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Twenty years ago Aer Lingus brought Antoin from County Donegal in Ireland to America. Antoin received a soccer scholarship from Boston University, and wanted to showcase his craft of finish carpentry skills within a high performing construction company. Antoin worked for 12 years as a premier carpenter in Manhattan before starting New Wave Design and Cont in 2006. Because of his skills and innovative carpentry techniques he became well known in the construction and design industry.


New Wave takes great pride in their skill and specializes in high-end finish brownstone renovations. New Wave balances historic details with modern updates. They know what it takes to keep the old world brownstone charm alive with a modern twist. The New Wave Construction brand is synonymous with: on-time completion of projects, high-end quality performance, attention to the needs of clients, and always a “hands-on” approach through every phase of the project.

The true Litmus Test of any business’s performance and success is the client’s satisfaction after project completion. New Wave is very proud of its craftsmanship and the delight of its clients in the final results. They’re always ecstatic and thoroughly satisfied with the final product. The “Irish” approach to hospitality, quality, attention to detail, and warm, caring, responsive communication is always on display and vital to our company.

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New Wave Design and Contracting has merged a wealth of professional experience and skills into a company that has earned a reputation as a leading General Contracting group for high quality residential and commercial properties in New York City and the greater metropolitan area.

When the founding principles launched New Wave Design and Contracting they affirmed to always operate upon a foundation of unwavering ethics and quality workmanship. At New Wave Design and Contracting., we believe in building trust, building relationships, and in turn building remarkable residences and places of work. Each project is given the same undivided attention and owner involvement from the time of inception and design concept to the completion of the job.

New Wave Design and Contracting delivers beautiful design, contracting and construction for New York City. New Wave Design and Contracting is a full-service contractor and builder, a design company in the NYC that specializes in design and construction. We’ll help you create elegant spaces for home and business that maximize the value of your property and business. Contact New Wave Design and Contracting for beautiful design, quality workmanship, and construction in NYC. 

We take pride and are fully committed to designing, contracting, and construction, for NYC businesses and homes. We serve the New York City, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island, Contact New Wave Design and Contracting Corp., 3808 43rd Avenue, Long Island City, N.Y. 11101 for design, contracting, and construction.